Lip Blush/ Aquarelle Lips Advanced Course

We pride to deliver this course for anyone who has experience already in cosmetic tattooing/machine work and would like to offer more services and be competitive.

A 2-day lip liner course, during which you become an expert at contouring, teaching you how to create the perfect lip contour (lip liner) and how to master lip blush.

What’s Included in this Course?

  • Machine Theory
  • Needle Sizes and Usage
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Client Consultation
  • Lip designs and Shapes
  • Proper stretching techniques
  • Skin Anesthetics Application
  • Skin Tone, color selection, and color mix
  • Skin Structure
  • Tools and Materials: Setting Up Your Work Station
  • Aftercare
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Sterilization & Disinfection
  • Hands on practice on artificial skin and on a live model
  • Business Setup and Requirements
  • Marketing your business
  • Insurance Information

Class requirements


SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards to complete this course: Please click on this link

Fee & Dates 

    • Class Fee: $3495.00
    • $500 Deposit Required
    • Class deposits are non-refundable, they may be applied to another class. We make every effort to be accommodating, however after your second class cancellation your deposit will be forfeited.

More info

If you are interested to find out more about this course please contact us!