Ultimate Eyebrow Tattoo Training in Brisbane

Beginner Course -Feathering, HD-Combo Brows, Ombre/Powder Brows

A 3-day eyebrow course, during which you become an eyebrow expert, teaching you how to create the ultimate powder or Ombre eyebrow look, as well as how to do the fine hair stroke eyebrow technique to create natural looking eyebrows using a manual hand tool (microblade)-

This course is perfect for people who want a deeper understanding of different techniques for eyebrow permanent makeup, teaching you different types of eyebrow style such as powder and combination styles.

You’ll learn the practicalities of creating the perfect brow, as well as eyebrow shapes to avoid, so that you can confidently offer eyebrow services to your clients.

Eyebrows frame the face. They change the appearance of the whole face, so getting them perfect is essential.

With the Ultimate Eyebrow Course from Permanently Beautiful Academy you’ll have the theory and practice to make sure you always get it right.

Individual tailor-made course options are available on request.

This cosmetic tattoo  class is designed to ensure every cosmetic tattoo student is trained to become a skilled, confident and knowledgeable student that will finish the course with skills and confidence to practice cosmetic tattoo eyebrow procedures.

What’s Included in this Course?

  • Introduction to cosmetic tattooing
    – Overview of different types of machines and devices available and their differences and benefits
  • Color and pigment theory
  • Understanding the color wheel and how to match correct color to skin tone of client
    – Pigment preparation, choosing pigment, mixing, storage
  • Understanding of correct methods of co smetic tattoo application
  • Education of the differences of temporary pigments
  • What should and should not do when applying pmu
  • Anatomy of skin
    – Understanding of skin composition and layers
    – Care and healing
    – Skin diseases, disorders, infection, scars, moles, psoriasis, eczema, allergies
  • Tool, machines and products
    – Introduction to the various types of machines and hand tool
    – Appropriate needle selection, configuration
    – Maintenance, correct insertion, identify needle damage storage of needle, disposal and preparation for sterilization
  • Sanitation and sterilization, hygiene
    – Equipment sterilisation
    – Disinfectants and antiseptics
    – Prevention of cross contamination and infections
    – Proper handling of hand tools
    – Proper wearing, all disposables
  • Insurance information
  • Client consultation
    – Client profile, analyse and enquireclients desires, expectations
    – Discuss the overall aspects of permanent make up
    – Medical condition
    – Understanding of patch test for any allergies
  • Consent form
    – Discuss informed consents
    – Medical questionnaire
    – Liability issues
    – Understanding of storing clients consent forms signed
  • Skin preparation
    – Preparing clients skin for pmu and various licenced anaesthetic
  • Procedure experience
    – Work on latex skin
    – Observe procedure (demonstration)
    – Hands on work using models
  • After care
    – Forms and instructions
    – Clients follow up
  • Mastering your device
  • Textured hair stroke eyebrows
  • Powder eyebrows
  • Ombré eyebrows
  • HD-Combination eyebrows
  • How to draw perfect eyebrows
  • Eyebrow shapes to avoid
  • The healing process
  • Where to obtain insurance and what you need
  • Info on how to obtain permits/licensing in Queensland
  • Client Release Paperwork/Health Questionnaires provided

Class requirement


SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards to complete this course: Please click on this link

Fee & Dates 

    • Class Fee: $4995.00
    • $500 Deposit Required
    • Class deposits are non-refundable, they may be applied to another class. We make every effort to be accommodating, however after your second class cancellation your deposit will be forfeited.

More info

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