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Eyebrows treatments

In order to achieve the best result, all permanent make up treatments require two sessions to sufficiently provide enough pigment into the skin to last.

permanent eyebrows brisbane goldcoast
Microblading/Eyebrow Feathering

A manual form of Permanent Cosmetics that gives the most realistic results.

With a manual hand tool, strokes are gently implanted into the skin in the very uppermost layers of the skin, creating a crisp, clean, hair-like effect.

Because the depth is rather shallow and the implanted pigment width is so fine, this method by itself requires more frequent touch-ups to maintain the new color.

permanent eyebrows brisbane goldcoast

Ombre Powder Brows are a type of permanent make-up, where through the manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin, We create the desired fullness and design of the eyebrows. A small tattoo machine is used to insert pigment.

This technique differs from Microblading in that we create a misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The tails of the brow are darker, and fade into a light start to the brow, giving that perfect ombre makeup affect!

The effects will be waterproof, smudge-proof and completely realistic. It lasts longer than Microblading, typically around 2 years on average, depending on the client’s skin type, lifestyle and various other factors. Over time, pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows behind.

permanent eyebrows brisbane goldcoast

Vicky was one of the 1st artist around Australia who used to offer the HD Combination brows and she worked her way up to make this technique very specific and unique.

It is her favorite style to create and her believing is that the HD Brows are the most natural looking brows as it is giving fullness to any kind of brows.

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Do you need some further information? Here are the most important details about eyebrow treatment:

What is microblading? / manual brows
  • Done manually with a pen-like device that holds tiny sterile disposable needles (NOT A BLADE!)
  • Natural looking, mimicking hairs.
  • Detailed, delicate style, working best in dry/normal skin.
  • Softer healed results. For a bolder healed result, machine styles are best.
  • Great for clients who are more nervous or wanting to start out softer.
  • Annual top ups are usually between 9 & 12 months (once a year is recommended).
What are machine method, ombre or combination brows?
  • Created with a pen machine that operates more like a traditional tattoo machine.
  • More like make up, looking fuller and filled in.
  • Less detailed style working for all skin types (oily, combination, textured skin etc).
  • Results can be soft or bold depending on desired outcome.
  • Great for clients who want to upgrade from microblading.
  • Machine brows are a good solution for covering old SPMU.
  • Annual top ups are usually between 12 & 18 months (once a year is recommended).
Microblading (manual tattoo vs. machine method)

There is no difference in the permanency of manually (microbladed) or machine tattooed eyebrows. They’re just different ways of implanting the ink into the skin. Both techniques are forms of cosmetic tattooing that aim to create or fill in eyebrows. One technique doesn’t hurt more than the other, but the level of pain you feel will be dictated by your own pain threshold. Most clients are happily surprised by how little it hurts and many comment that threading, plucking or waxing is worse. I do apply numbing gels once the skin is open to keep you more comfortable throughout. The main difference between the two techniques is that machine method brows work on a wider range of skin types. Manually microbladed eyebrows are more suited to dry skin. Your skin will be assessed beforehand so I can make a recommendation of which technique and style will work best for you in the long run. Because your face is naturally oilier compared to the rest of your body, and coupled with this being a delicate tattoo to heal, two sessions spaced 6 weeks apart are needed for best healed results. Some clients, especially those who; use sunbeds, sunbathe, don’t use sun protection, have sun damaged skin, have oily skin, smoke, sweat a lot (from exercise, saunas etc), have a fast metabolism, have an iron deficiency, take regular medications, use chemical peels or anti aging products or harsh exfoliants, may need more than 1 touch up session to achieve their desired results. They may also need more regular top ups to keep their brows vibrant.

What if I have oily/combination skin but want microblading?

If you’re wanting to ease yourself into SPMU, you’re more than welcome to start with microblading; it’s ultimately your choice. The longevity of your microbladed strokes would be shorter than ‘normal’ so more regular top ups will be expected. 6/9/12 months down the line when you’re due a top up, we can always change the technique!​

How semi-permanent/permanent is it?

Semi-permanent means it will fade over time, and that if you want to keep your brows looking vibrant, top up appointments will be needed to maintain this look. Semi-permanent DOES NOT mean it will 100% fade away. You may always be left with remnants of ink under your skin, even 10 years from now. Everyone’s bodies will process the ink differently, as well as your lifestyle choices affecting the longevity of the tattoo. Cosmetic tattooing is still a tattoo, so before anyone tells you any differently, please bare in mind that whether or not you refresh your eyebrows annually, you may still be left with a shadow if you don’t wish to continue with annual top ups.

Eyebrow treatment - step by step
  • Optional consultation (available for your peace of mind, not compulsory).
  • Skin patch test (which can be posted to you or done at the consultation).
  • For your first eyebrow appointment, please allow no less than 3 – 3.5 hours.
  • When you arrive there will be a comprehensive form to complete before we can begin the session.
  • I will take some ‘before’ pictures to keep as reference (for myself and insurance purposes) and to use on social media.
  • We’ll map your brows using your natural facial features. I’ll measure and draw on (with a pencil) eyebrows that work with your face shape.
  • Once the shape is complete, we will find a pigment colour that matches your brow hair or is slightly darker. The colour is also determined by your skin tone.
  • After discussing your pigment colour, the microblading can begin! I’ll explain the treatment to you as I go along so you feel comfortable.
  • Throughout the session, I sit you up and down several times to adjust and improve symmetry.
  • Once I am totally happy with the result, you can see your new brows and let me know of any changes!
  • When we have finished your appointment I’ll take some ‘after’ pictures.
  • You will receive thorough aftercare advice and will receive an aftercare kit and strict aftercare instructions.
  • We’ll book your included 6 week top up appointment if we haven’t already booked this in.
  • At your 6 week touch up appointment we will go back over the brows the same way we did the first time, unless you would like to make any changes.
  • Your healed brows should then last you around 9 -12 months (microblading) / 1 – 1.5 years (machine) before needing further work.
The benefits of brow tattooing
  • The correct shape of eyebrows will frame your face and emphasise your best features.
  • Anti-aging… an instant face lift that opens the eyes creating a more youthful appearance.
  • No smudged brows at the gym, on the beach, in the pool or on holiday.
  • Save money by not needing monthly HD brows / waxing anymore.
  • Easy maintenance when you have the perfect shape to follow all of the time!
  • Reduction in over plucking allowing your natural hairs to grow back.
  • Save time and effort on your daily make up routine and reduce the cost of eyebrow products.

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